The 19/11/15
Sonia, PISA, ITALY, Agence AMY TRAVEL : “splendid hotel, refines kitchen, staff gentillissimo”.

The 21/11/15
Berends, The Netherlands, of I C T agency : “It is paradise here, beautiful, fits so well in the surroundings and very friendly
personal. Thank you, it feels like a honey roon. We don’t want to leave.”

The 27/12/15
JOANA : “After awiving in the dark on christmas Eve, we woke to brissful surroundings, in complete peace as we enjoyed a special christmas day
as the only guests for the day. Simple but stylish cabins with spectacular views. The warouth and impeccable service of all staff but especially
Bartholomew will be remembered. He went out of his way to make our stay confortable. Thank you.”

The 29/12/15
FLORQUIN family, France, PARTICULAR : “Thank you for your warm welcome in this beautiful landscape. See you soon.”
EXER family, Agency ENGLISH TOUR : “great hotel, the people are warm in this beautiful landscape.”
UNIVERSAL family : “A short stay in forcing a second call and why not others… A sumptuous setting in height
the Isalo. Un remake de out of Africa…
engaging staff and great professional.”

The 24/01/16
Maria and Flavio de l'agence UTT : “beautiful place. And breathe in nature, The true nature.”

The 25/01/16
CECILIA ET Sergio Daniel PETIT, PARTICULAR : “Thank you very much for the welcome ! They were both very nice and relaxing days. The exceptional staff ! Thank you and goodbye !”.

The 29/01/16
SUZY ET ROBERT, TRAVEL agency MERCURY : ” What a surprise ! That's wonderful. all welcome, benefit. In short it was great, no change. It's perfect.”

The 04/02/2016
J. DOMARADZLI, guide d’ITAKA (BALTIK) :”Thank you so much.”

The 08/02/16
Dominique Bouvret and friends, PARTICULAR : “Simply breathtaking beauty, tranquility… a lavish environment as well
in-que out door… A magical address with a hostess very smooth and delicate. We'll talk you around us, in France
and elsewhere. Thank you for this superb stop, too short for our liking.”

The 24/02/16
The Paul family HENRY, France, PARTICULAR : “idyllic. Service Extra. Gourmet Kitchen. original room. Desing choice, sublime furniture. Everything is there to make these 3 unforgettable days. Thank you to all and BRAVO. Do not change anything !. Goodbye.”

The 25/02/16
A group of women (Malagasy and foreign) passers : “Thank you for the beauty and simplicity of the place !
“It is best to keep the old charm e ! Thank you” Henriette.
“Congratulations. Thank you for having so successfully develop Malagasy nature.”
” Even after several visits, the place is always born of magical sensations !

The 28/02/16
OLIVIER, LACTIMAD : “A beautiful hotel that combines harmony with nature and empirical calm, as well as a fine dining !
thank you for your welcome !”