Isalo National Park is a protected area of ​​Madagascar, declared a national park in 1962. It is a mountain range of Jurassic sandstone, extending over nearly a hundred kilometers in the north-south direction, carved with deep canyons and bristling with peaks. It has become the most visited national park in Madagascar.
Several walks are possible, whether you like hiking or not. You will decide on your arrival with the guide which excursions suit you best.
The Satrana Lodge also offers walks from the hotel, jeep tours or exploring the sapphire mines of Ilakaka.


Walks from Satrana Lodge


At the start of Satrana Lodge, the ride will last approximately 02 hours with 300m of altitude difference there and back.
You will discover the Tapias forest and the rustic landscape of Isalo with these ruiniform massifs and these pachypodiums.
There are also the Baras tombs and to finish,an extraordinary view of the surroundings, in particular the hotel seen from above.

​Difficulty : average
Term of contract : 01H30
Duration of the ride : 02H00
Rates : available at the hotel reception.

It is also possible to take a picnic with you, you will have to ask at the reception the day before.


At the start of Satrana Lodge in feet, we will start the walk by climbing the mountain.
Along the way we can take shade in the Tapias forest; arrived at the top you can admire the panorama while catching your breath.
We will start to descend while crossing Baras tombs, arrived at the bottom you will be able to note the change of landscape,the wind and the heat will be transformed into oasis refreshing. We will then have a good time in the natural pool where you can swim.
We will then resume the road, facing north, While crossing the forest of Pandanus, or a car will pick us up and take us back to the hotel.

To the North
Fix : average
Term of contract : 03H00
Duration of the ride : 04h00
Tariff : available at the hotel reception.

To the South :
Fix : average
Term of contract : 02H00
Duration of the ride : 03h00
Tariff : available at the hotel reception.

It is also possible to take a picnic with you, you will have to ask at the reception the day before.


Discovery of the Malaso circuit to admire the sunset through the famous window of L'isalo, visit of the Bara villages.
"RATES AVAILABLE" at the hotel reception.


We also invite you to discover the sapphire mines of Ilakaka in collaboration with the company Colorline.
"RATES AVAILABLE" at the hotel reception.

Walk in the National Park of ISALO

Isalo is the Grand Park Sud.Ce massive ruiniform of the Jurassic era is the most visited tourist site in Madagascar. Kingdom of Queen of Isalo, birthplace of a particular wild nature and a landscape unparalleled, lovers of great stopovers will be seduced by this park. And a sunset seen through the window of the Isalo is a postcard that is worth trying. Park furrowed of rivers and their tributaries, spans 81 540 HA. This massive ruiniform is a plateau of continental sandstone dating from the Jurassic. Heavily eroded, witnesses fragmented by the sandy valleys and canyons only remain : a truly exceptional performance.

Many walks are possible : natural pools, the waterfall of the nymphs, the rat canyon… For more information you can visit the park website ici to choose the walk or walks that suit you best.
We will also bring a guide to the hotel on your arrival so that you can organize your visits to the park with him..

"Rates AVAILABLE" at the hotel reception.

If you want more information about an excursion, do not hesitate to inform the reception or call us before your arrival.