Nature, change of scenery, escape...the Isalo

The hotel Satrana Lodge is located at the edge of the famous national 7 in the heart of Madagascar, at the entrance to the Park of Isalo. You will be transported by the supernatural beauty of the landscapes and the amazing life that has adapted to this mineral universe..

The table is also in the spotlight with a cuisine with subtle aromas, real melody of flavors, scents and colors to enjoy in the restaurant overlooking the turquoise water pool.

Your appointments will be given in the entrance hall, Open, him, on the Ihorombe plateau. You can enjoy a cocktail, a natural fruit juice or another drink of your choice.

The Satrana Lodge is accessible all year round, even in the rainy season. A green landscape in summer, and semi-desert in winter reminiscent of the savannahs of Africa.

As for the weather, it is pleasant all year round but remember to take a sweater for winter evenings.