Room Description

Designed to blend in with the romantic charm of the safaris of the past experience, the hotel Satrana Lodge features thirty standard tents and ten luxury tents. It combines brilliantly charmesdu passed and the strengths of modernity in a dreamlike setting.

Majestic wood and thatch resulting in gaze out beyond the pool, the Isalo massif and its secrets.

The tents are placed on a floor wood, and gives, on the one hand, on a wide terrace and panorama's dream, on the other side in a large bathroom including the Bay window opens onto an outdoor shower and private garden. Each bungalow is covered by a thatched roof.

The decoration of the rooms and suites is synonymous with elegance and sobriety. Step colors or beiges that play with the Green, the dark complexion of wood which meets the objects in aluminium, any a Symphony that Thames a range of shadows and lights when the Sun juggles on windows.

You can choose to take your shower indoors or outdoors in open pit, but in the privacy of course… an experience not to be missed.

We are currently doing a promotional offer, the price per night down -50 % is : 150 000 ariary / 35 euros (the public tariff normal in this season is 91 EUR / night) starting the 2 April until 26 June 2020.


10€ per night

Continental breakfast (buffet) : 6€

American breakfast (buffet) : 7€

Lunch : 13€

Lunch picnic : 9€

Dinner : 17€

Children less than 12 years : half-fare Travelcard

Transfers Satrana - Ranohira : 12€

Transfers Satrana - Ilakaka : 12€

Transfers Isalo - Toliara / Ifaty (01 to 04 Pax) : 185€

Vehicle half Isalo (01 to 04 Pax) : 35€

Vehicle day Isalo (01 to 04 Pax) : 70€

Visit Sapphire Mines with customer vehicle : 6 €/pax

Visit Sapphire Mines with vehicle hotel :10 €/pax

Encounter Village Bara with customer vehicle : 4 €/pax

Encounter Village Bara with vehicle hotel : 7€/pax

Rent a JEEP Willis / with driver (half day) : 65€-03pax max

Rent a JEEP Willis / with driver (day) : 95€-03pax max